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Monthly Goals for April

by krismkoch
monthly goals for april

Even though it’s already a few days into April, I’m just getting around to making my monthly goals for April. To be honest, I didn’t get as much done in March as I’d hoped (check out my March goals here). But I’m not beating myself up about it. I’m really proud of what I did accomplish last month. Writing down and sharing my monthly goals actually helped me to accomplish more, and I feel like I’m in a better place now than I was last month. Some things I didn’t get done last month include: setting up a newsletter, organizing our entrance closet, finding new lighting for our living and dining rooms and entrance, and I only learned to cook one new healthy dinner and “cook” would be a stretch (it was tacos). We also didn’t go on a spring vacation, but this was unavoidable due to work conflicts, so I’m looking forward to planning some getaways for the summer and next year when we’re all vaccinated anyway.

There were also some monthly goals that I didn’t accomplish, but I was able to take off my list. We looked into getting built-ins made. The cost just didn’t justify the expense, as we’ll probably be moving in the next year or so (more on that later). So instead, I’m going to make one of my monthly goals for April to find a console table or bookshelves for that empty wall in our living room. Our contractor has been slammed so we’re still waiting on the bathroom estimate and to schedule the renovation for James’ bathroom. We didn’t recover our yellow chair yet, because sadly, I just don’t think it fits our space. I am having a hard time getting rid of it, because it was the first piece of furniture Andrew and I bought together and it’s actually really comfy, but it just doesn’t work in any room right now. We may put it into storage as I am loathe to say goodbye to it, but in that case, we’ll hold off on reupholstering it until we find a home for it. I didn’t find new lighting for some of the rooms in our home yet — I want to focus on finishing the furniture and art first, especially since we are going to wait to install and move any lighting for when our contractor is here working on the bathroom.

I really want to make moves on our home so my monthly goals for April are really focused on our home. I’ve also included some personal, professional and family goals too. Are you starting to plan monthly goals? I would love for you to join me on this journey and see if sharing them helps. Tell me your monthly goals for April in the comments and let’s hold each other accountable. Also, I’m thinking that maybe I’m being too ambitious, so I may try to pare it down to 10-12 goals next month. What do you think?

Here are my April 2021 goals:

  1. Get bathroom estimate: I’ve charged my husband with this task, so I’m mainly just nagging him every day until this happens
  2. Start making plans for Andrew’s birthday this summer: He’s got a big one coming too, and I really want to think of somewhere fun to go.
  3. Get our childcare situation squared away for rest of spring and summer: We’ve had a hodgepodge of childcare cobbled together and it’s running me ragged. It’s too much coordination and work on me, with a full time job and everything else on my plate. I am going to work on finding a better solution for spring/summer and go from there.
  4. Restart regular workout routine: I’ve fallen off the workout wagon, and I am really feeling it. I’m not beating myself up over it — it’s been mostly due to health issues. But I am going to get back on with regular 30-40 minutes five days a week.
  5. Continue the 1000 hours outside challenge: I love this challenge and I am going to continue to spending at least a few hours a day outside with the kids.
  6. Organize entrance closet: I swear this is the month I do this.
  7. Book summer trip: I want to plan something fun for our family in June, then again for Andrew’s birthday in July and one last hurrah in August. Any suggestions?
  8. Put away winter clothes and take out summer clothes
  9. Sell clothes and accessories I no longer wear
  10. Find console table or bookshelves for living room: As I mentioned before, I’ve pivoted and will now be looking to do bookshelves or a console table instead of built-ins in our living room
  11. Set up desk for home office: This is long overdue and I’m going to invest in my work from home situation this month.
  12. Plan two date nights with AK: We only got one in this month, so hoping to double it for next month!
  13. Cook at home more and order out only weekends: Again, largely due to exhaustion and health issues, we’ve been ordering in and doing takeout a lot recently. My goal is to learn to make my own salads and eat at home five days a week and save the takeout for weekends.
  14. Map out blog content for the entire month: This is on my to-dos for today.
  15. Take one of Doctor Becky’s Parenting courses
  16. Start newsletter
  17. Take more consistent blog photos: This really means go on more weekend adventures and take pics!
  18. Find sideboard for dining room.

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