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Summer Weekends

by krismkoch
Sometimes it feels like summer doesn’t really start until July. The weather this year certainly didn’t feel very summery until this week and with school, work etc it doesn’t feel like things start to slow down and the summer really kicks in until the July Fourth weekend. When July rolls around, we really start what I consider our summer weekends — basically living at the beach, pool or lake and spending every second we can outside before it’s time to head back to the city and get ready for another work week.
James has already discovered the fun of riding bikes thanks to his new push bike that we bought last summer and was one of our best investments. He basically won’t get out of it now. We also love to bike ride and pull him behind, or go for hikes or jogs when we’re not swimming, sailing, rowing or my new fave paddle boarding. Tennis is our version of date night when Andrews’s parents will watch James. It’s my fave sort and occasionally, I’ll humor the hubs with some fly fishing or golf.
Another favorite thing about summer weekends: living in a bathing suit and coverup. I love not having to change and worry about what to wear so I often go for breezy caftans like this one that offers enough coverage I can even wear it to lunch.

On Me: Striped Dress(also love the longer style and the top version )

On James: Sailboat Pajamas (sold out but similar here and here)


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