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The Top I Wore All Summer Long

by krismkoch

So I realize summer is basically over and you’re probably thinking about what you’re going to be buying for fall. But I’m milking every last bit of summer we have left. Partly because I feel like we barely had a summer (anyone else?) and partly because I’m feeling really mixed emotions about James turning one and time passing so quickly. I don’t now if anyone other moms feel this way, but I feel this crazy awareness that these are the days that only way too soon I’ll be looking back on and missing and my kid will be going off to college. Idk maybe it’s because I see it in so many other moms eyes whose kids have grown up and look longingly at me and my baby. But it’s also been a really trying time with James. He’s been such a good natured baby, barely crying and always smiling, but recently he’s been throwing fits a lot.  He’s constantly on the move and screaming when he’s frustrated because he wants something but can’t communicate it, and all he wants is to walk. All that to say it’s been hard to hold onto summer or really savor it, or even just take pics and vids of my ever-changing dude, because he requires attention 24/7 when awake. My only reprieve has been that he’s been sleeping a lot better for the first time in his whole life. Just as I’ve started to sleep again and feel semi normal and wanting to look that way though, my guy has become crazy active and getting into everything, which means i can barely look away for a sec to put a shirt over my head. (No, seriously — while doing that one morning he fell off the bed and my heart almost stopped. Luckily, he was just fine.) Weekend are especially tough because our nanny isn’t here and we’re always trying to run out the door to get to the beach or somewhere that we can enjoy the summer between naps and bottles and meals. To look somewhat put-together but make getting dressed easy, I’ve pretty much lived in this J.Crew tunic. I was worried it was a silly purchase considering it’s white and I have a baby and a dog, but I love the blue and white — it reminds me of Greece and is just my favorite color combo for summer. It’s crisp, chic and easy to toss on with anything — white shorts (which have been my go-to as well), denim cutoffs, jeans, black skinnies for work. Surprisingly, I’ve managed not to get it completely destroyed with baby food etc. — James must know how much I love it. It’s great for the day too. I wore it recently for one of our last trips to the beach, which I tried to document but had a little trouble getting my little guy to cooperate.  The best part is I got the top on super sale at J.Crew for like $40 and it’s legit been the best $40 I’ve spent all summer.


Top, J.Crew also available at Nordstrom; Shorts, J.Crew (old), similar here; Sandals, Jack Rogers; James’ Onesie, Janie and Jack

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