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Toddler Ski Gear

by krismkoch

Every year we go skiing in Park City for Christmas, and it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. We’ve taken James since he was born, but now he’s finally old enough to take ski lessons and spend a little time on the slopes with us. He loves skiing and made some major strides on our last vacation, and we’re continuing with lessons this winter. There’s a family ski mountain not far from us where he takes ski lessons on weekends in the winter and Charlotte will start soon too. While it’s a great socially distanced activity that the kids can do (and well worth the hour drive each way!), it’s been cold and snowy here, which means we’ve really needed to up our ski gear game. Since James (and hopefully, Charlotte, who loved her first time on the slopes in Park City) will be spending so much time skiing this winter, I decided to invest in some quality toddler ski gear and clothes that they can use this season and then pass down to the next skier in the fam.

I want to make sure the kids are warm and dry so they really enjoy it, and learn to love skiing as much as we do, and of course, I want them to be safe, so finding good toddler ski gear is really important to me. And let’s be real: is there anything cuter than a little kid in their snow gear? No, there is not. I am also fine investing in items that the next kid(s) can wear, but considering how short a shelf life the kids’ clothes have and how fast they grow, I also don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars on toddler ski gear. I did some research to find toddler ski gear and clothes for James and Charlotte that will get them through this ski season and hopefully, if we’re lucky, into the next one — and but are neutral and durable enough that the next siblings can wear, too.

Here are my favorite options for toddler ski gear and clothes.

toddler ski gear toddler ski gear

From Top Left:

One-Piece Snowsuit

Toddler Snow Goggles

Ski Gloves (also love these)

Toddler Ski Helmet

Puffer Jacket

Toddler Snow Pants 


Fur Trimmed Snowsuit

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