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What I Wore This Week (No. 49): Holiday Party Edition 2

by krismkoch

Wow this week has been a real doozy. I meant to snap more pics of my outfits, but honestly, I just didn’t get a chance. We’re still moving into our new home and working on all the final parts of the remodel (the major reno is done but there are so many small things from doors and painting to window treatments and light fixtures) and that coupled with holiday shopping and parties has made me feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off or whatever the saying is.

I don’t feel like I’ve had time to relax or get into a routine, which has been hard. And to top it off, James is off from school until after the New Year, so I’m also trying to figure out activities to keep him entertained during this arctic chill we’re experiencing. Above all, I’m really trying to be as present as possible during the final weeks I have at home before returning to work full time (honestly, I can’t even think about it without crying), while at the same time, being feeling guilty for being totally not present because I’m so focused on getting everything set up at home and in our lives before I head back. Oh yeah, and trying to get all the Christmas shopping and prepping done. So basically I just threw on clothes and ran around like a crazy person all week, but I managed to get dressed to head to the city for a holiday party for work and for a couple other fun holiday parties.

From a holiday party with the kids to a Christmas cocktail party and my office holiday party, here’s what I wore this week.

Monday: Work Holiday Party in the City

Coat (old but similar here for a great price); Top; Jeans; Shoes (old Manolos but similar here and here for under $100)

Friday: Holiday Cocktail Party

Dress; Boots (old but similar here and here)

Saturday: Holiday Party with the Kids at the Club

Dress; Boots (old but similar here and here)

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