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What I Wore This Week (No. 36)

by krismkoch

So fashion week is always one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing the fashion both on and off the runway. It inspires me to step up my game, especially the February shows, because by now, it’s the middle of winter and I’ve all but given up. 

But the February shows are also hard because the weather is usually terrible and inevitably includes some rain or snow or slush mix, it’s freezing, and yet there’s pressure to wear cute shoes not made for running around NYC in snow/slush/cold and to show off your cutest outfits rather than hide under a big bulky practical all-weather parka and snow boots.

If I’m being totally real, I also find fashion week brings out some of my biggest insecurities. I thought by now I felt pretty comfortable in my style, but since having a baby and trying to have another, I haven’t felt as comfy in my own skin, and everyone is so over the top stylish/Instagram-ready (and often impractical for the weather) that even my cutest outfit tends to feel inadequate. At this stage in my life, I am far less interested in chasing trends, dressing to impress, and being uncomfortable or cold for the sake of fashion, especially since I’m running from shows to the office to home and probably stopping at CVS to pick up pull-ups along the way. But then I show up at the shows and I’m like why didn’t I get that totally impractical, not at all me, won’t last more than one season, but so cool pink fur coat?

This season I was too tired and busy to attend all the shows I wanted to and most of all, to freak out about what I was wearing. I usually order a ton of new pieces before fashion week and plan out my outfits, but this season, I mostly shopped from my closet and leaned toward more practical looks because it was freezing and snowy and slushy. Even though I was born in Chicago, I just cannot with the cold. I relied on statement coats to help step up my looks, which was actually really effective because it ended up being mostly what anyone saw. 

Sadly, I was so busy running around I didn’t get good shots of all my outfits. But I tried to snap some selfies and pics when I could. I really am trying to be more consistent with my outfit posts and one huge positive that I love about fashion week is it really has motivated me to take a little more time in getting dressed and to be more creative with my closet — and to focus on the statement pieces that will stand out and jazz up my basics like amazing boots, a fab coat, and a killer bag. I’m also excited to accessorize more (I’ve even brought out my old hoop earrings and ear cuffs and ring stacks from the archives). Not surprisingly, those extra ten minutes in the morning, which I don’t really have but oh well, really do make me feel better and more capable. I mean, you know how it is when you throw on a crap outfit and run out the door and then feel like a slob at work all day. (No judgement — I do it way too often and I work in fashion magazines!) But I’m hoping this newfound motivation to step up my dressing sticks around, especially with spring somewhat around the corner…

Anyway, without further adieu, here’s what I wore to New York Fashion Week this week.


Coat (old Tory Burch but similar here); Sweater (old Hatch); Pants; Boots; Bag


Dress (sold out Ganni but similar here); Coat (old Vince but similar here); Boots (old Vince but similar here for cheap); Bag


Zara coat; Sweater (old Theory but similar here for a great price); White jeans; Boots (old Vince but similar here for cheap); Bag


Dress (old Tory Burch but similar here on sale); Boots

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