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What to Wear For a Summer Date Night

by krismkoch
summer date night outfit

Summer dates are the best dates. You can sit outside and sip rose or ice-cold margs, stop for ice cream on your stroll home, and if you’re feeling daring, stay out a little later than you would normally because it’s still light out. I find that we go out a lot more in summer and end up doing a lot more date nights. I anticipate summer 2021 will be filled with date nights too now that the world is starting to open up and we can eat outside sans masks. I always find myself struggling with what to wear for a night out, whether it’s just with just my husband or other couples. But I find, thanks to the weather, it can be extra hard to figure out what to wear for summer dates, so I wanted to roundup some summer date night outfit ideas.

Coming up with summer date night outfit ideas is tricky, and I do this for a living. On the one hand, it’s much easier to look sexy in summer when you don’t have to worry about layering up for the cold, but you also want to pick something that is sweat-proof and breezy in case you sit outside. But if you do end up inside, which is now an option as restaurants open up,  you have to contend with super cold AC.  I try to have my go-to summer date night outfit ideas ready. That way, we can jump on an impromptu dinner invitation or take advantage of a babysitting offer. It also means I don’t have to stress about what I”m wearing when I’m trying to get the kids situated and everything set up for the babysitter or grandparents before we go out.

My approach to summer date night dressing is usually to keep it simple. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I own a lot of summer dresses, so I tend to go for a dress, sandals, and I’ll bring a cardigan in case the AC is strong or it gets chilly. Easy enough, right? I thought I’d share my go-to summer date night outfit ideas to get you inspired to go out a bit more this summer. After a year of staying in and takeout date nights, we deserve it, right?

what to wear for a summer date

summer date night outfit

summer date night outfit

summer date night outfit



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