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What To Wear To A BBQ

by krismkoch

Aren’t backyard barbecues one of the best parts of summer? The food, the low-key vibe, the outdoor setting, the company — it’s what summer weekends are made of. And unlike going out to dinner with friends at a restaurant, there’s no need to dress up, do your hair, or even makeup for a an outdoor barbecue. In fact, figuring out what to wear to a bbq is easy, because anything goes. BBQ outfits should be comfy and simple — wear a dress if you want or throw on shorts if you prefer. 

Summer is for being lazy, and bbq’s are all about lazy entertaining — and low-key outfits. Yeah, sometimes I don’t even shower and change before we host or attend a bbq — I just toss on a coverup or shorts, and go straight from the beach to the barbecue. That’s why I never stress over what to wear to a BBQ. When I do feel like getting spiffed up, it never requires more thought than a tunic and white jeans, cute shorts, or a sundress and always flats or flip-flops. Easy, breezy. 

While we’re still waiting to see if we’ll be able to host any summer barbecues with more than just our family of four, I know my husband is excited to start grilling. I’m hoping that this summer, with vaccinations, we can get back into backyard bbqs with our family and friends. And honestly, I am excited to wear something other than sweats and leggings (though don’t get me wrong, comfort will still be key). So if you need help figuring out what to wear to a BBQ, I’m here to help. I’ve already started compiling BBQ outfit ideas. 

Here are some of my favorite ideas for what to wear to a BBQ. 

Sundress + Flip-Flops

summer bbq outfit

Sundress; Flip-flops; Denim Jacket

Denim Cutoffs + Tee

summer barbecue outfit 2021

Denim cutoffs; Striped tee; Flip-flops

Dress + Espadrilles

what to wear to a summer barbecue

Dress; Shoes; Bag

Printed Top + White Jeans

bbq outfit ideas 2021

Top; White Jeans; Sandals

Sundress + Sandals

what to wear to a bbq

Dress; Sandals; Earrings

Jeans + Summery Top

bbq outfit ideas

Top; Jeans; Sandals

Shorts + Printed Top

barbecue outfits

Top; Shorts; Sandals

Breezy Dress + Sneakers

Floral Dress; Sneakers; Mini bucket bag

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