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What To Wear To a Winter Wedding

by krismkoch
what to wear to a winter wedding

I got married in late March, but since it was a ski wedding and snowing, we considered it a winter wedding. But that’s not the only reason winter weddings hold a special place in my heart. They’re one of the few opportunities, other than the holidays, that you can dress up during the long winter months, rock a super fancy (faux) fur, and because you’re not bombarded with weddings, showers, bbqs etc. every weekend, you’re actually excited to get decked out and celebrate. Summer and spring are prime wedding season, but few people are brave enough to get married during the wintertime, so the party is always extra fun. Plus, you have to party harder to stay warm, right? The tricky part though is that, unlike say, spring or summer weddings, or even fall nuptials, figuring out what to wear to a winter wedding is so much harder.

You want to be warm (enough) and seasonally appropriate, but you also don’t want to look like you belong at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. And finding a dress after the holidays is next to impossible, considering most stores have already moved on to resort (whyyy???). If you can’t find anything anywhere and you have nothing in your closet, with the right styling you can make a NYE or holiday dress work, or even preview a spring dress, but I prefer to find a new dress, especially if it’s the same group of people I saw for the holidays. If you have some cold-weather nuptials coming up on your radar, don’t stress over what to wear. There are so many cute options, and I think dressing for a winter wedding is actually so much fun. You can up the glam factor with sparkle and fur, and live out your Kate Middleton dreams.

Here’s my guide for what to wear to a winter wedding.

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