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My Favorite Places to Shop for Baby Boy Clothes for James

by krismkoch

I think I’ve spent more time shopping for baby boy clothes for James than for myself since he was born, which is saying a lot considering how much I love to shop. Seriously, I can’t tell you the number of hours I’ve spent scouring the web for cute baby boy clothes during late night feedings. I’m not going to lie, I really wanted a girl before I had James. It was really all I could see myself having, but I also secretly knew I was having a boy my entire pregnancy, and the thing is, I’m so glad I did. I can’t imagine any other baby being mine besides my little boy. But let’s be serious, a huge part of my reasoning for wanting a girl was to dress her up in all the cute baby girl clothes. Unfortunately, when it comes to baby boy clothes, it’s still slim pickings. Yes, I’m told things have gotten better over the years, but honestly, there’s not that much selection, and it can be hard to find cute places to shop for baby boy clothes.

Even though we were blessed to get tons of handy-me-downs from James’ boy cousins, he still needs key pieces to fill out his wardrobe at every stage, and as a first time mom, I wanted to buy cute baby clothes, because what could be more fun? Finding cute baby boy clothes has been a bigger challenge than I anticipated, but I’ve found some great go-to retailers and I keep discovering new ones that I’m excited to share.

I am really into classic baby clothing, and I like to splurge on what my husband might call ridiculous outfits for special occasions. But I also have a wild, messy baby boy, who needs play clothes he won’t ruin in the mud and rumble and tumble. So I shop at a mix of affordable retailers with tried and true play clothes and basics and special boutiques with the sweetest items I can’t wait to photograph James wearing so I can cry over them when he’s older. These stores have become my go-to sources for cute baby boy clothes. Let me know if there are any you love that I’m missing. 


Founded by former Vogue editors, this e-tailer has all the cutest and coolest baby clothes for boys and girls. I find Maisonette has the best selection of boy clothes I’ve seen from a single retailer, and you can find everything from dress clothes to ski clothes to school clothes to gifts and costumes. 

Janie and Jack

Right now, I’m taking advantage of the fact that I can dress James in whatever I want, and going all out preppy. I love all the cute, preppy styles at Janie and Jack, and the nautical themed summer clothes have been a staple for James, whose room features sailboats. The stuff is a little pricey (I’m also super cheap when it comes to baby clothes because they get food and crap all over them and then outgrow them a day later), but honestly, it’s so cute and not that drastically more than the Baby Gaps. Plus, they have great sales. We’ve gotten James a lot of cute sweaters from there and cute summer clothes and polo shirts and stripes as well as the cutest sun hat and rompers. They actually run bigger than most baby clothes, so James seems pretty true to size with the age range the suggest for each (whereas in Baby Gap he’s already in 18-24 months and he’s not even a year).


They make gorgeous baby clothes. They’re also pricey and a little precious but there’s also a Jacadi store two minutes from our apartment and I can’t help but pop in every time I’m walking back from Trader Joe’s or taking baby J for a walk. The only saving grace has been that their little boy selection is limited and they have some weird sizing that James has been in between recently. But if we had a little girl, we’d be effed because those dresses are beyond. But every season, we get something from there for James to wear for special occasions like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. Because it’s funny to put him in adorable expensive dress-up clothes.


Ok so this place is a hidden gem for baby stuff, especially if you love the smocked rompers and monogrammed baby clothes as much as I do. I’ve also purchased quite a few Jack & Lily shoes for James that truly complete his Prince George look. I also have scored a 100 pack of Water Wipes at a serious discount, fun baby toys for our deck, and Aden + Anais oneseis. My gripe? Stuff can take forever to ship and there are no returns, which is tough with baby stuff when they’re constantly changing sizes etc. so I would say order big because at least they can grow into it, ya know?

Hanna Andersson

You know those adorable matching striped Xmas pajamas everyone wore in their Christmas instas last year? Hannah Anderson. They make hands down the softest pajamas, and in every color stripes. I also got James a bunch of striped pants and onesies from here that got him through the winter/spring. They were great for a little one on the move, easy to wash and cute as can be.

Mini Boden

This has been a recent find and I’m loving it. It feels like how a cute little British kid would dress, and maybe because my mom’s side of the fam is British, I really love that look. Could also be that I’m convinced my baby is Prince George’s long lost cousin — they seriously look alike, but I digress. Point is there are lots of stripes, which I of course love (have I told you how obsessed I am with stripes.), and some cute animals and patterns (trucks, monkeys, etc.) but they feel classic and not at all cheesy or overplayed. Idk, bottom line, shit’s just cute. But warning: it runs big. I got James some super cute summer stuff from there in sizes 18-24 because he’s been growing so fast, and I am bummed it’s all pretty big on him. This stuff is pricey, so I’m definitely all about the sales section here. Even the sale prices aren’t cheap, but I snagged some adorable styles on mega sale, including a whale cardigan that I cannot wait to put my little bean in come fall. You can also snag their stuff at Nordstrom, where the sales tend to be better.

Roller Rabbit

Cutest patterns ever. Love everything about these prints — they’re the cutest pajamas and I love their crib sheets and bumpers as well. Their ecommerce selection isn’t great, but their stores are  like my favorite place to just hang out in and peruse. I wish I could buy it all, but honestly, I try to limit myself to one pajama set for every new size range he grows into, but I already broke that rule this summer because I have no self control.


Do you guys know the instagram account @babiesinpatagonia? Well, that’s basically all you need to know in order to understand my obsession. But honestly, is there anything cute than a little kid in a Patagonia fleece or vest? Nope. Nope there’s not. I was gifted a cute red fleece jacket before James was born and he wore it for all of fall, winter and spring. I can’t wait until it gets cool again to dress him in a baby vest to match his dad’s and a cute little puffer jacket. I’ve heard their snowsuits are great and also really grow with kiddos, so I’m thinking about getting James one for our annual Christmas trip to Park City. Friends with more than one kid have advised choosing unisex colors so they can be passed down, which is smart, especially since the quality is so good, these pieces last. There are so many colors though to choose from that it’s not hard to go unisex.

Petite Bateau

Stripes and more stripes. I truly can’t get enough of them, especially when it comes to baby clothes. Navy, light blue, red, I just love love stripes and no one does them better than this French brand.

Nordstrom and Bloomingdales

I’m not usually a department store shopper, but these mega retailers actually have pretty decent ecommerce and a fairly nice, if not random, assortment of baby clothes. Usually they’re my go-to for Ralph Lauren onesies, which I’m a huge fan of. They’re cute and look polished but they’re soft and comfy enough for playing around in. While I love me a cute smocked romper or an adorable pair of denim overalls, I always think they can’t feel very soft and comfy for playing and crawling around in. Plus, it took James awhile to bulk up and I loved how RL’s clothes run small, so he could actually wear clothes a few sizes bigger than him (even if it was a reverse form of vanity size if you will). I do recommend going a size up with RL stuff — they run super small. They also carry brands like Mini Boden as I mentioned, Aden + Anais, Petite Bateau  that I love for cute play clothes and pajamas, and they tend to have great designer shoe selection for babes, which is a little ridiculous (I’m not buying my baby Stuart Weitzman shoes, but I say that now with no baby girl to wear their adorable maryjanes), but I found the cutest pair of Adidas sneakers that I’m dying to get James.

Bella Bliss

If you love smocked and monogrammed baby clothes as much as I do, then shop here with caution because it’s seriously addictive. They also have the absolute cutest striped polos and shirts. If they weren’t $40 a pop, I’d buy them in every color for J. Just be careful when going for the monogram — while suffering from sleep deprivation and serious mom brain, my friend ordered her son a monogrammed romper with the wrong initials, lolz.

Baby Gap

To be honest, I have found Baby Gap to be hit or miss, and often their cutest stuff, you see on every baby everywhere, which is sorta the reason I stopped shopping at J.Crew. But I have found Baby Gap to have amazing sales, where I’ve been able to stock up on footed onesies for sleeping, striped jersey pants that have been great for crawling, cotton onesies in white, stripeds, etc., and socks. I also got some cute plaid Christmas pants there and duck boots that James hated but I made him wear for pics. I did get some cute sweater/cardigans with the hood with ears and matching booties that James has lived i and I love. But to be honest, I’m surprised at how expensive their stuff is, so I’ve really only been buying from there when stuff is on super sale (which happens pretty often), and I haven’t bought that much from there in awhile — I found their summer selection hasn’t been as strong.

La Coqueta

This Spanish retailer has the cutest baby clothes hands down. I honestly want everything on the site. I love how they’re classic and will stand the test of time in case we have another boy, but still feel fresh. The fabric and quality is amazing as well.

CPC Kids

Like its name suggests, this is the ultimate destination for cute preppy kids clothes. I love the embroidered cords for boys, the sweaters, and cute polos.

Beaufort Bonnet Company

For super sweet baby boy clothes, this is my go-to, especially when I want something for a special occasion, or a monogrammed gift.

Smocked Auction

Another favorite for super sweet, timeless rompers and bubbles as well as super cute pajamas. The prints are so cute, and the prices for great quality baby clothes. I also love that you can monogram many of the items, making it a great source for gifts and one-of-a-kind pieces for your little guy.

Little English

I’ve scooped up so many cute preppy clothes here for James (and Charlotte!), but I also love their adorable (and super soft) pajamas.


I was trying really hard to avoid Amazon, because the whole fast fashion thing kills me, but I’ve found so many good items from Amazon, from New Balance sneakers and Crocs for the beach to snow pants and even sweet little knitted one-pieces. And best of all, it arrives in two days with Prime.

H&M and Zara

Again, I was hesitant to get on the fast fashion bandwagon when it came to my kids’ clothes, but H&M and Zara actually have a really great selection of kids clothes, and they’re at a great price point. I learned from Caitlin Fisher that H&M and Zara are the best places to buy pants for boys, and of course, she’s right (and check out her insta because her kids always look so cute). It’s strangely hard to find pants for boys that fit well, and both their pants fit really well without being too tight or too baggy.

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