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7 All-Black Outfits That Are the Epitome of Effortless Chic

by krismkoch

All black is my go-to, but admittedly, for special occasions or times you want to impress, it tends to feel too basic. Idk why. It should really be the opposite, because I know logically that black is instantly chic, but on special occasions, I’m just always reticent to go with my usualĀ uniform. But Paris Fashion Week has been the ultimate reminder why I should never doubt my devotion to black. The all-black uniform has been popping up all over the streets of Paris, serving as the perfect reminder why, when in doubt, you should always throw on black.

all black paris fashion week


black skinnies-black wedge booties-black furry jacket sweater-fur sweater-all black -going out-night out-weekend-all black-pfw street style-ps


black skinnies-black lace up boots-weekend-graphic sweatshirt-cropped sweatshirt-model off duty style-pfw street style-getty-lace up boots-combat boots


all black-black skinnies-black lace up boots-pfw street style-ps


all black-black skinnies-black wedge booties-pfw street style-ps


ruffles-ruffled pants-all black-black oversized sweater-work outfit-winter to spring-all black-pfw street style-hbz


olivia palermo-double bresatsed jacket-all black-tie neck blouse-black leather skinnies-black booties-pfw street style-getty-gonig out night out-work-going out


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