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How to Wear a Sweater Instead of Coat (Without Freezing Your Ass Off)

by krismkoch

“Put a coat on” feels like it must be among the top 10 things moms yell, right?But when you’re little, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, you never want to put your coat on. Of course the whole expectation is that by the time you’re the age where you could be a mom yourself, you have the sensibility to put a coat on before going outside into the cold. And yet, that childhood aversion to putting on a coat doesn’t go away, or at least for me it hasn’t. It’s like tights. You wait until the last possible moment, until it’s just absolutely unbearable to go bare-legged before you finally cave because you know it means winter is here, and that you won’t be able to step outside without tights for months. And it’s the same with the coat. Once you cave and admit it’s coat weather, you’re stuck trying to fit one over your bulky sweater, carrying it around at parties and bars lest it get stolen or accidentally taken by another woman wearing a black coat that looks almost exactly the same, and freezing in it out in the cold because it’s never really warm enough when it gets a certain level of cold and then overheating in it as soon as you step on the subway or train to your destination.

Not only does a coat hide your cute outfit when you’re out and about (and in NYC, where you’re most likely to get snapped by a street styler photo), but somehow, you never have the right one for your outfit on occasions when you really care about how you look. Sigh. While there’s no sense in fighting it — coat weather is inevitable unless you move to a warmer climate (note to self: move to  warmer climate) — you don’t have feel stuck wearing one from now until spring. In these warmish December days we’re experiencing in NYC, when temps hover in the low 50s and occasionally dip into the 40s, it’s really the border of coat season still, which means that with the right layers, you can totally forgo that bulky puffer, at least for a little while longer.  The key is in a big, huge, majorly warm sweater, and lots of smart layers. So if you just can’t with the coat, here’s how to leave it at home without freezing your stylish little ass off. Here’s how to wear a sweater as a coat.

no coat-red oversized sweater-python snakeskin booties-cropped jeans-frayed denim-layers-layering-pom pomp hat-nyfw street style-winter weekend-hbz


ski sweater-cardigan-oversized cardigan-no jacket winter weekend outfit-monogrammed bag pupurse -


fur vest-tunic sweater-white sneakers-midi skirt-winter outfit-work outfit-oversized sweater and skirt-wheresmydriver insta-nyfw street style-ps


winter outfit, blanket scarf, witner layers, oversized sweater






winter outfit, oversized turtleneck sweater, midi skirt, black and white

who what wear

winter outfit, white jeans, grey oversized sweater, booties, winter weekend outfit

fashion gone rogue tumblr

winter outfits without a coat, yellow turtleneck sweater-chunky sweater-black skinnies-knee boots-fall winter weekend outfit-editor style-refinery

refinery 29

winter outfits, blanket scarf, winter weekend outfit, oversized sweater


winter outfits, chunky sweater-turtleneck sweater-ski sweater-mom jeans-cuffed jeans-ankle boots-jeans and booties-belt-tucked in sweater-front tuck-oversized sweater-sweater instead of coat-refinery

refinery 29

winter outfits, ankle boots-skinny jeans-major cuffs sleeves-fur sleeves-fur sweater-green fur - statement going out night out holiday-camille over the rainbow

camille ove rthe rainbow

winter outfits, fall layers white sneakers addias sneakers black leather midi skirt pencil skirt sweater over shirt striped oxford shirt button up shirt grey sweater black scarf fall layers fall work outfit via fashion and style

fashion and style

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winter outfits, eva chen marled striped sweater cropped jeans two tone chanel heels Paris-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Spring-2016


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winter outfits, dress over jeans-cropped jeans fray hemlines white sneakers neavy chunky sweater navy ruffled dress polka dots, fall layering style hack sweater over dress fash-n-chips

fash ‘n chips

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winter outfits, early-spring-belted-sweater-via-prettydesigns.com


winter outfits, turtleneck sweater and jeans, oversized sweater, navy sweater

they all hate us

winter outfits, oversized-sweater-distressed-denim-chelsea-boots-fur-ia-inunomimi.tumblr.com


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they all hate us

winter outfits, sweatpants-nike-sneakers-gym-shoes-fuzzy-sweater-oversized-sweater-white-tee-scarf-casual-weekend-via-maja-wyh

maja wyh

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who what wear

winter outfits, cropped flare jeans, oversized grey sweater, fur scarf, mini bag, pink bag, sunglasses, winter weekend outfit

who what wear

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