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What I Wore This Week (No. 11)

by krismkoch

We’re headed to Florida for the long weekend and I couldn’t be more excited excited. It’s been a long few weeks and this winter has really been dragging on. Since spring feels years away, we’re going to go find some sun. I am always ready for spring of course but usually it feels like it sneaks up on me. Not this year. It has felt like one of the longest winters I can remember and honestly, I could really use a break. So when Andrew had a Florida work trip come up that aligns with Presidents Weekend, James and I decided to tag along. We’re going to head out a few days early to have our first family vaca with the three of us (sorry Dakota) and then James and I will fly back and Andrew will stay for work. This week was hard to dress for. I was exhausted after what felt like the shortest weekend ever and a tough couple of weeks personally, it’s  been rainy and gross and all I can think about is getting to Friday but it was also the end of NYFW, and while I didn’t go to as many shows this season (it was just too crazy at work and home and honestly, my heart wasn’t as into it, which I know sounds crazy and obnoxious but I had some personal things I was dealing with and a lot going on at work and it was enough just to keep my head above water), I needed to dress for the few I was attending between meetings and rushing home to be with James. I tried my best, but the street style pros still put me to shame. I have to say though that in general this year, maybe because of the weather or the general tone of this winter, people were largely phoning it in — almost everyone was in Mom jeans and sweaters topped with fabulous coats and fun shoes. It’s an easy way to dress when you cannot and something I’m going to be doing more of when I return from our vacation to face six more or however many more weeks of winter.


I wasn’t sure about this plaid – like is it too school girl? But I found myself gravitating toward this Tory Burch dress and I am glad I scooped it up when it went on sale. It’s comfy and roomy but flattering and I’ve gotten a million compliments on it. I really had a case of the Mondays so this was the perfect thing to throw on and look cute without having to put in the effort. I sucked it up and added my platform booties because I had a few shows to go to.

Plaid dress; Black Boots (old but similar here and here)



My Tuesday was insane. I had shows, meetings, a big business lunch, and a cocktail event. I went for a boss lady dress and heeled booties and a statement jacket. This was the last thing I wanted to be wearing (I really wanted to be in bed in sweats) but I figured this was my big dress up day.


Tiered dress; Grey ankle boots (old, but similar here and here); Coat (old, but similar here and here)



I went a little dressier today for a morning show, a work luncheon, and an after work dinner. Usually I pair this dress with booties, but my go-to heels stepped it up.

Tibi DressBlack Pumps  



So today I totally phoned it in, but honestly track pants are really hot right now and after a week of dressing for fashion week, this was all I could pull off for my last day before vacation. Honestly, I’m obsessed with the athleisure trend if it means sweats can be worn for work. Normally I try to step up the look with heels and a more fitted top, but I went full casual for this one. I earned it!


 DVF sweater (old but similar here for less); Track Pants; Sneakers



After a long week, I am excited to hit the road for vacay. First though, a little work. I went casual so I can quickly change coats, grab our bags and head to the airport.

Cream SweaterHigh-Waisted JeansLeopard print coat; Black mules (old but similar here); Sunglasses

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