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What to Wear Apple Picking

by krismkoch

Ok, yes, apple picking is so basic. But when you have kids, you adopt a idgaf mentality about anything basic. You will jump on whatever basic bandwagon provides a way to kill time while entertaining your kids and potentially get a cute family photo out of it. (Check out my fall bucket list for more fall activities to do with the kids.) And honestly, if you don’t have kids, you feel good about yourself for taking a day off of day drinking at your local bar or brunch spot to do it at your local apple orchard. Really, apple picking is such a great activity to do with the kids. They can snack along the way and you don’t need to limit their consumption or feel bad about what they’re eating, they enjoy doing it, and then you can try to bake a pie or make apple sauce or something apple, so it’s like two activities in one. But one of my favorite parts is the family photo opps. It’s a great way to sneak in a potential Christmas card photo because meltdowns tend to abate (at least in my family) when there is a new activity to focus on and endless snacks. But that also means I actually care about what I wear. I’m sure I’m not the only one using apple picking as a family photo opp so I put together some ideas for what to wear apple picking.

When it comes to deciding what to wear apple picking, you have to be practical. It can be muddy and hot, your kids will probably cover you in apple goo and you don’t want to be in a cute new dress, even if there are a million bloggers who do it with their kids in tow (trust me, they’re shooting the one look and changing before any real apple picking is taking place). You need the right footwear — I like wellies or sneakers. And I prefer jeans and a cute top but if you’re going for a dress, make it a comfy one you can wash and don’t mind getting a little dirty. If you’re heading out to do this beloved fall activity, here’s a little guide for what to wear apple picking.

Apple Picking Outfit 1

what to wear apple picking

Shorts; Plaid Shirt; Wellies

Apple Picking Outfit 2

apple picking outfit

Shacket; Jeans; Sneakers

Apple Picking Outfit 3

what to wear apple picking

Top; Jeans;; Wellies

Apple Picking Outfit 4

casual fal loutfit

Sweater; Jeans; Booties

Apple Picking Outfit 5

what to wear apple picking

Dress; Sneakers; Cardigan

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