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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

by krismkoch

Yes, it’s wedding season … again. From the ages of about 25-30, it’s basically always wedding season, but even if you’ve graduated from that phase of your life, with all the postponed nuptials due to Covid, you may find yourself attending quite a few weddings this fall.¬†Fall is quickly surpassing spring as the most popular time to get married (which I randomly know from my time randomly working at a weddings magazine), and it’s one of my fave times for weddings because a) you don’t have to waste a gorgeous summer weekend traveling to someone’s nuptials and then sweating it out in formalwear and b) the weather is cool but not too cool and you’re actually excited for an excuse to travel somewhere hopefully gorgeous (which can make for prime Christmas card photo-taking opps so you can kill two birds with one stone). The only downside is picking out what to wear to a fall wedding can be more difficult when you’re not swimming in a sea of ¬†summer dresses.

The weather tends to be variable in fall, but couples still like to host some of their wedding outdoors to take advantage of the gorgeous changing leaves. Which I totally get, but again makes figuring out what to wear to a fall wedding tricky. I always recommend going with a dress in a darker hues, from black to burgundy or emerald or even red, there are so many options and they’re all so pretty. Pretty fall florals and prints are also a fun way to feel festive for a fall wedding. Always bring a pashmina or formal jacket or shawl or something because it gets cold at night. To help, I’ve put together a guide for what to wear to a fall wedding with my favorite dresses and accessories.

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