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Working Mom Pumping Schedule

by krismkoch

After sharing my breastfeeding journey and my favorite breast pumps, I started getting a lot of questions about how I’m making pumping and breastfeeding work now that I’ve returned to work. I think the hardest part is figuring out a schedule that works, allowing you to keep up your milk supply and keep up with your work. I’ve found that as a busy working mom, setting up a pumping schedule has really helped me.

I’m no expert. It’s been a lot of trial and error, and each time has been different, but this is the pumping schedule that has worked for me now that I’m back at work. (I’ve also included when I nurse so you can see how I’m balancing both.)

Wake up and nurse: 6/6:30am

Pump: 7:30am

Nurse before leaving for work: 8:30am

Pump: 11:30am

Pump: 3pm

Nurse after returning home from work: 6/6:30pm

Nurse before bed: 7:30/8pm

Dream feed (as needed): 10:30/11pm

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