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First Birthday Brunch Party

by krismkoch

For Charlotte’s first birthday, we’re going to keep it super low-key with just close family and a couple friends who have been part of our quarantine pod. I had hopes of having a bigger party with our new neighbors and friends in our new home, but alas, this will be a Covid first birthday party. I’m thankful, however, that we are able to have a little celebration and won’t have to do the entire thing over Zoom. Since it’ll be a decidedly low-key backyard affair, I want to do something cute for it, and I’ve been thinking about a first birthday brunch party.

For James’ first birthday, we did a fun circus theme that the kids really loved, but since this will a smaller celebration of mostly grandparents and family, I’m thinking of focusing more on the food (and bevs). We’re hosting it in the late morning (around naps), and at first I thought I’d serve pizza or do tacos and guac for more of a lunch spread. But now I’m thinking given it will be a Sunday, a little first birthday brunch party could be fun and something different. I love the idea of a first birthday brunch party because mornings are usually when one year olds are most alert and in the best mood, brunch foods that babies and toddlers can eat are easy to come up with, and parents always need an activity to do with their little ones by 9 or 10am.

I gathered lots of cute inspiration for a first birthday brunch party that I think I will steal. What do you think? Are we feeling the first birthday brunch party? Perhaps we’ll start a new trend lol. Is it weird to do brunch with little kiddos? Let me know your thoughts!

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